Writer & Calligrapher

“My family worked and played outdoors, and I learned fishing and camping skills early on. My life was lived mostly in the natural world of the Northwest, on a “stump” ranch with patches of forests nearby for exploration.”


Keith Abbott (1944 – 2019) taught at Naropa University in Colorado as an Associate Professor Writing & Poetics, Visual Arts. He studied philosophy at the University of Washington, and received his BA at San Francisco State followed by his MA at Western Washington State University.  Several of Keith’s works of fiction as well as his memoir of Richard Brautigan were translated and published in Europe.  His novella Racer, translated by Günter Ohnemus and first published in Germany by MaroVerlag and later by dtv, was short listed for the Berlinale Film Conference 2007. Racer will be published in English for the first time in the spring of 2022.

1967 Dump Truck
1968-69 Hero Pills
1970 Moving Postures
1971 Blue Suede Shoes, editor
1971 2X with Michael Sowl
1972 The Closet
1972 Joie de Vivre
1972 Putty
1972 Treys with Pat Nolan
1973 Milk Quarterly, editor
1974 Red Lettuce
1974 Erase Words (A Dynamite Book), Blue Wind Press
1975 Gush, Blue Wind Press
1975 Being Alone with a Girl
1975 Twelve Shot A Photo Poem
1976 What You Know With No Name For It
1976 Out There 9 with Rose Lesniak, Ted Berrigan
1977 The Book of Rimbaud
1979 Rhino Ritz, Blue Wind Press
1981 Clown War 6 with B. Andrews, J. Beame, R. Beck, C. Bernstein, L. Gontarek, N. Hudson, S. Lawrence, F.A. Nettelbeck, F.Picabia, B. Rosenthal, R. Vance, and S. Young
1984 Good News Bad News
1984 Harum Scarum, Coffee House Press
1985 Mordecai of Monterey, City Miner Books
1987 The First Thing Coming, Coffee House Press
1988 Racer, MaroVerlag, 2006 dtv
1989 Downstream from Trout Fishing in America, 2009 Astrophil Press
1996 The French Girl
2015 Poetry for Sale with Sandy Berrigan, Gloria Frym,
Steven Lavoie, Joen Eshima Moore, Maureen Owen, Michael Sowl, and John Veglia


“Solitude I was very, very familiar with, as I liked to roam in the NW woods by myself. I erected camps in trees and built lean-tos on uprooted tree root-wads.” Keith on his childhood.


Persephone Abbott holds the copyrights to all of Keith Abbott’s literary works.