Do you suffer from nerves at auditions? What can be done about this matter? What do opera singers do? Idle Opportunities, a comic novel, reveals just how bad things can get when you’re trying to make it in the opera world. Available on Amazon. Synopsis: Cynthia Murray moved to Paris to become an opera singer and escape her dysfunctional Californian family. The problem is some of the family escaped with her to Europe, and now she’s scrambling to find new ways to take her career to the next level. But will she manage to circumvent the family dramas and create a solid musical foundation for herself? Set in 1992 Idle Opportunities lifts the curtain to reveal the backstage antics of the opera student world and the drama of a blended Californian family that holds a DNA mystery. The story unfolds as Cynthia moves between Paris and the Netherlands, culminating in an opera production of The Magic Flute. Available on Amazon in paperback, ebook and Kind Unlimited.