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Charity Concert Trio Dice 17 November

Posted on October 12, 2018

Trio Dice is joined by dance duo Van Wieringen and Mohr for a special concert to raise funds for Safe Spaces Nairobi. The program features Ravel’s Sheherazade (choreography by Loretta Simon Helms who), further compositions by Mozart, Piazzolla, Schubert, Williams (Schindler’s List), Kreisler, Paradis and a world premiere of The Klezmer Sonata by Allan Segall composed especially for Petr Karlicek and Annemarie van Prooijen.   November 17 at 19:00 Boomspijker Theater Recht Boomsloot 52 Amsterdam.   Tickets: Advance purchase 20 Euros. Tickets at the door 25 Euros. Limited seating.   Please join us for a lovely evening and a good cause!     Persephone Abbott, soprano Annemarie van Prooijen, violin Petr Karlicek, piano Eva van Wieringen, dance Aurora Mohr, dance Loretta Simon Helms, choreography Lisa Janisch, costumes…

The Tall Thin Woman

Posted on September 16, 2018

I saw her at the ballet. Heading towards the ladies’ room, I quickly joined the queue.  We didn’t speak, just eyed each other over then avoided further interaction. I don’t like her, and as I write this I ask myself if that’s a true statement, because I don’t know her well, at least not personally. I generally tend to like people, or let people ride out their fantasies of who they think they are at whatever moment in time, with natural deviations, over time of course, because it’s all fine by me. So let’s simply say I have an aversion to her. And she to me. I wasn’t that surprised to see her at the ballet, although I never noticed her at the ballet…

Walking the Dog or Rather Sitting with the Dog

Posted on August 30, 2018

I have an old dog. We don’t travel anymore. But we go to the park. I push her there in her stroller, then we sit on a bench together. We spent most everyday of the summer in the park. I took selfies of me and my dog on the park bench and posted them on Facebook. People got bored with my Facebook page.  Where was the glory? Then at the end of August I created a “My Summer 2018”  photo album. Hardly anyone liked it. I wrote a poem about being in the park with my dog, then I re-wrote it as a rap song, and finally I made a sonnet of it.  I enjoyed myself and I would like to share my dog…

Always Thank Your Translator

Posted on June 5, 2018

In came a question, about anglers and angling. I admit I don’t know anything about this subject, and yet I wrote a sentence about anglers because they entered into my story. The translator of Ein rasch gesponnenes Netz, Mr. Günter Ohnemus who happens to also be a writer I much admire, was casting his exacting eye over the manuscript as he translated. Not only did he ask me questions about what I meant culturally but he also pointed out sentences and paragraphs that needed my attention. I rewrote a few, because he was always right about these matters, of course; he has years of experience and good taste. It is a bit of an irony that I have come to believe that Günter has made my novella into a much…