This is a review of the services of Michelle Gemma Cuthbertson who acted as my mother’s durable medical power of attorney. 


After the death of my mother Michelle Gemma Cuthbertson mailed a package to a family member. The package is postmarked 30Jul21. A note was written on the envelope that was found inside.

In the envelope was the photo of the corpse of my mother. The photo was a close up of the cadaver and printed on a full sized sheet of paper. Michelle Gemma Cuthbertson did not reach out to contact my family about this photo before mailing the package.  After the death of my mother the family was not asked and did not give permission to take a photo of the corpse nor did the family ask to be sent a photo of the corpse or have a photo of the corpse sent to anyone. The family was completely unaware of this matter until the photo arrived, out of the blue, in the mail. The family equally had no previous knowledge of Michelle Gemma Cuthbertson.

I have been given to understood that Ms. Cuthbertson is now aware of how the family feels. The family feels that the taking of the photo of the corpse and the sending without any prior discussion of the photo was a senseless, harmful and most unnecessary act in which was disrespectul to the family, including my mother who was mentally ill. I feel obliged to publically state my thoughts on this matter and I will not be shamed into not speaking out against this deplorable act. 


16 July – Online shiva held for my mother by the Nevei Kodesh Synagogue of Boulder in which a family member registered to take part online (naming her family relation to the deceased and providing contact details) and thereafter attended the online shiva. The family member was not allowed to speak during the shiva and did not participate until the end. No attempt was made by the Nevei Kodesh Synagogue to contact this family member (the only family member to attend the online shiva) afterwards. 

30 July – Michelle Gemma Cuthbertson mailed envelope containing a photo of the corpse to the family member who attended the online shiva.