I went to a masterclass
the woman said loudly.
Do you know that the singers
 - beautiful voices -
didn’t have a clue 
what they were singing about?

The stranger across the table from me
frowned in irritation
trying to read the lines
Castor et Pollux synopsis
before the second half

The woman repeated
what she had just said
a little differently, same emphasis
while her friends listened

I poured some sugar
into my Concertgebouw cappuccino
specific, just enough coffee
to finish in time

It’s hard to understand the words
the woman said loudly.
Just think if a French singer
is singing in English
or a Dutch singer
is singing in German

Across the table from me
the stranger sighed
his head bowed
something about twins
could be different fates 
it all dependend on
judicious overtitles 
and antiquated French

I played the flute and piano
the woman said loudly.
When I was three I sang a song
oh I liked that song we had at home
sang along to the  record player
I still have that record

I finished my coffee and sat
waiting for the next assault
on my sensibilities

But my mind wandered off
remembering the man
wearing brand new 
black leather trousers
jacket and cap
silver chain glinting
as he pushed his bike up 
the bike ramp while I
made my way 
down the steps
to the bike stall 
and I noted with curiosity
the leek sticking 
out of his bike basket