At first, starting back in March, I noted everything I did down meticulously in my large (paper) agenda. The agenda I especially decorated, snappy stickers plus extra paper taped in for me to jot my random observations and scraggly scrawls, bits of poems.   August 31:  I opened my agenda and saw that I had entirely skipped the month, four weeks of blankness greeted me.  

I am not one of the people that went crazy during lock down in the Netherlands. I organized shopping, leaving my apartment once a fortnight to gather and forage supplies.  I realized that here was my chance to become my own personal trainer and get to the root of my coordination problems (and by doing so eliminate the possibility that I would drown my overweight self in my own lungs which was the perceived threat at the beginning of the pandemic). I got through another edit of my novel. It quickly got returned to me and I am in the stages of another edit of the same novel.  My fantasy is that I will get this last big edit finished by the time The Vaccination Van parks in my street. However, after carefully exploring my muscle functions these past five months, I have managed to lose some excess weight. So there’s some of that done.

I see that many of my friends on Goodreads finished their 2020 reading challenge in July. I did not. But, having heard the Dutch Prime Minister’s talk tonight (September 1), I can see that I might realistically get through the excessive list of books I had optimistically intended to read by the end of 2020.  Goes to show, it only takes a pandemic to get around to some notions and things…..