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A Poem

Posted on November 21, 2019

Wet Noodle

We’re playing at wet noodle

My dog and I

Because no one is watching

She threw up

I limped home after physical therapy

We can be nauseous and upset

All we want

Together as overcooked pasta

Her body glued onto mine in this chair

This is a good reality

Much better than pretending we’re fine

Someplace else

Forced to

Accommodate secret blows

Covert bashings

No holding up a false picture of bliss

Around here.

A Poem

Posted on November 15, 2019

A One Time Thing

A one time thing

I stare at your handwriting on the envelope

A one time thing

You are one year older than

And my father already dead

Gracious you, his friend, send me part of him

A one time thing

I imagine your face shadowed by your thoughts

As you wrote the address on the label

“Such beautiful handwriting,” my friend exclaimed

I feel, like you must also feel, the weight of time pressing

A one time thing

This life

Persephone Abbott