“Crisis.” The editor, pick any American editor on any news program or paper, wrote about the current political situation, meaning the rallies, the shootings, the hatred. Here’s the thing:  When has it been different these past 20 years?  America has been waking up to the reports of mass shootings minimally once a year, and long before the current president. It just seems to me that the lullaby of “we are getting better, reaching a less racist and violent state of national identity” sung during 2012 (Sandy Hook) 2013 (Washington Navy Yard) 2014 (Isla Vista) etc. has been turned off, and the bloody truth that racism and hatred has never gone away is becoming more obvious because of, and despite, reporting. That the flames of violence and hatred have been carefully fanned these past months, well I have to agree when I read the news, but crisis?  America has not ever not been in a crisis as far as I can see back during my lifetime. The poverty is crushing, the violence is crushing, the rich are crushing, the racism is crushing. It’s a country primed for rallies, religion and defending whatever happiness you’ve managed to get because the fear of poverty and violence is terrifying and there’s not been a complete national time of overwhelming well being enough across the vast majority of all citizens to look back and think: Why did we do it this way and what were the other options?


Take a look at the news:


Self inflicted wound: Donald Trump signs budget bill as experts warn he’s on track to add trillions to U.S. debt (USA Today Aug 2, 2019)


‘A tweet would be great:’ Kentucky coal miners call on Trump for support amid ongoing payment showdown. (CNN Aug 3 2019)


Donald Trump said he’s done more for African Americans than any president. Historians disagree, (Politifact 1 Aug 2019)


My anxiety levels rise immediately after I read any of these headlines. Early this week I  googled to try to find pro Trump newspaper articles for a counter view, even Fox news but there seems to be an issue between the parties as of late, and, as of Monday morning the first three pages of google didn’t produce any positive spins on the sitting president’s actions.  You might think, “Excellent.” However, the problem is those rallies continue, and people go to them regardless of what the news is saying, regardless of who the newspapers endorse for president, regardless of what basic morality would dictate, regardless of tweets, regardless. Simply regardless. And then, to boot, in support.


Question:  Where is the benefit of raising the national debt? Where is the benefit of not paying coal miners? Where is the benefit of claiming to bestow the most patronizing generosity over an issue of human rights?


But the economy is doing well, isn’t it and wasn’t there a press conference that mouthed some kind of right words?