In came a question, about anglers and angling. I admit I don’t know anything about this subject, and yet I wrote a sentence about anglers because they entered into my story. The translator of Ein rasch gesponnenes Netz, Mr. Günter Ohnemus who happens to also be a writer I much admire, was casting his exacting eye over the manuscript as he translated. Not only did he ask me questions about what I meant culturally but he also pointed out sentences and paragraphs that needed my attention. I rewrote a few, because he was always right about these matters, of course; he has years of experience and good taste. It is a bit of an irony that I have come to believe that Günter has made my novella into a much better book in both English and German. I am extremely grateful for his gentle help and hard work; he was the main drive to getting my novella published.


Die Letzen Grossen Ferien is the first book I ever read of Günter’s and I recently reread the short stories after twenty years with great pleasure. His novel Der Tiger auf deiner Schulter is also a favorite of mine.



My novella Ein rasch gesponnenes Netz

Translated from English to German by

Günter Ohnemus

Published by MaroVerlag