Surrounded by the arts from a young age, Persephone Abbott was always drawn towards Europe.  So she moved to Paris as fast as she could mutter “au pair” and while in France she studied voice and opera, eventually relocating to the Netherlands to continue her studies.  Since graduating she’s worked  professionally as a classical singer and teaches privately in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht. 


She is currently in three productions.


Persephone began to write continuously starting in 2007 in the forms of poems, blogs, articles and eventually two self published books (The Bee’s Tour of Gouda, Buzzing Through Vinita’s Lens in 2012 and A Sample of Gouda in 2016).  In October 2018 her novella Ein rasch gesponnenes Netztranslated by Günter Ohnemus, was published by MaroVerlag. Aside from visual arts and architecture, music still provides the main creative inspiration to write.  She’s delighted to spend her free time reading a wide selection of subjects and authors and adores the engaging world of both complex literary and poetic writing styles.


Photo: Suvir Mirchandani